EG Instruments

Early in the history of the Eurogang Project, five working groups were established to discuss issues associated with specific methodologies associated with gang research. These groups targeted not only different methodologies but also different levels of aggregation (ranging from individual to group to city level). Over the course of several years of discussion, translation, and pre-testing, draft instruments were finalized and can be viewed by clicking the desired link. The following instruments were developed and pre-tested: City-level Instrument; Ethnography Guidelines; Expert Survey; Prevention and Intervention; Youth Survey. The Expert and Youth Surveys were also translated into several languages.

For those interested in using any of these instruments, we ask that you complete the use form (access Use Form by clicking here) and return it to the person designated on the instrument(s) in which you are interested. You will then be provided with a Word version of the requested instrument.

The Eurogang Manual

To acquire more information about  additional guidelines for the use of the Eurogang instruments, please consult the Eurogang Manual.